and we’re rollin

Alrighty stoked to get the website/blog up and running. We will frequently update here, not only about what the band is up to, but what we currently think is rad.

August is winding down , and will sadly bleed into september. Shows so far have been killer, Joyce Manor and Algernon Cadwallader were the best dudes, and truly a killer show for us. Never met more helpful bands, from them helping us lug gear into the venue, to finding our missing merch and cash box. Check both bands out!

Last show we did was in Niagara Falls NY, we were a little worried about making it over the border for the first time. We met a lot of really cool bands and people, and we played on a hockey rink…which was a first for us and hopefully not our last.

A few more shows in August and we will be making some announcements for the fall. Stay tuned, if you have any suggestions for the site let us know!