One Week Update


Since i am on a computer i thought i would leave a tidbit of what has been happening here so far.

First off… it is absolutely amazing. The people, the places, the music scene, the city, all of it. 

Monday night Mike did a set at the Star of Kings, as a warm up for the Oxjam festival this weekend. 

Rest got the better of us so we took Thursday night off (both playing a drinking), we are just soft Canadians i guess. Sunday we will be jamming at The Blues Kitchen, and it’s chalked up to be a good time. We have met people every night that have been so kind and helpful in regards to what we are doing here, so intern we are promised more dates to develop. Next week we are out of the rainy malaise of London, and will be spending a few days with friends in Barcelona. 

We will keep you updated and in the know. Thanks for reading and support