Well it is night five here in Barcelona Spain. We got here Wednesday and seemed to have brought the rain from London with us. Not bad at all though, weather is warm, and have had nothing but good company. We are staying at a friend’s place here and, they have all been great hosts to us. The culture here is quite unbelievable. The narrow streets, Gothic architecture, and hot nights can swallow you whole if you’re not careful. Each step you take in the city, literally every step  someone is whispering at you trying to peddle something to you. If you’re one who is easily viced i suggest you you careful in a place like Barca. We have had a lot of good times here, many nights bleed late, and  into the the early dawn of the new day. The next stop is Paris, we will be approaching the city either tomorrow or the next, and bring some English tunes to whomever cares to listen. Going to miss the Sangria.Image