Home For a Rest.

Today marks a week of being back home in Canada. It is funny, ‘Home For a Rest’ by Canadian group Spirit of The West, has been one of my favourite songs since high school. It has been the cornerstone as a song for drinking, road trips, and the song to start or end a night. The song sheds a whole new light of truth and relation however, after being gone for a month, having more than a fair share of drinks, and needing home for a rest. By the end of it all, all you want is your own bed, and a write off week to do nothing but rest. Although we want that, I have been fortunate enough to embrace my rest and detox, while Evan has already worked several shifts upon returning home. There might be a mutual envy, as he has made more money than i have, but i have rested longer than he has, regardless we are both enjoying being back.

Saturday was a great time in Guelph. We had a homecoming acoustic show, playing with some amazing musicians from Ottawa, and BC. It was nice to meet some new friends, and have support of our old friends who came out. Defiantly a nice way to come back,

There has been an odd culture shock being back in Canada, so many things seem different than I recall. Some things seem smaller, some bigger, while others are just gone. I was in Toronto the other day and realized how pushy a lot of the people were, wether it be a waitress, a store employee, to people on the streets.Not shafting the entire city of Toronto ,as it’s where i am proud to be from, it was just interesting to see a change in behaviour that i was once accustomed to.  The last obscurity was coming home to our “pub culture”, which had an odd effect as well, mostly towards what music they were playing.

These are just some things i felt like writing out. This was our first major experience moving and shaking, taking airplanes to get to our gigs on the day of, experiencing what we thought at the time as horrible setbacks, that later proved that we would be ok. I will do another article i think called “Trains Planes and Automobiles” and talk about the good, bad and ugly, on our travels around.

That being said though, our first time getting around, it was quite the experience, something that we would like to do within another year or so, once funding allows for it.

At the end of it, it felt surreal to return, London can get a real hold on ya, whether you like it or not. The people, the culture, the laughs, it was all such a great craic. It does feel good to be back, we have a ton of ideas we will be putting to work to get the ball rolling. Some tricks up our sleeves? for sure, let’s just say we are feeling good about the New Year, and what we plan to do with it. Until then, heading underground to bring up some new tunes, and some new flare (Mostly Ev’s new taste for denim shirts, the guy looks great).

Best part of being home- Tim Hortons coffee.