A Final Thank You…

After a month of movin’ and shakin’, we met a ton of fantastic people who we are happy to now call friends. I just wanted to take a moment to mention them, as their help made every difference to us.

Ben at the Star of Kings, Zaid at Bar Vinyl, Bugbear Bookings, all the great folks at The Dublin Castle, and everyone who rocked the Dogstar.

Mr. Eric Vice, and his roommates James and Matt who housed us for well past our welcome, and showed us the ropes in Barcelona.

Mike’s wonderful family in Galway and London for their amazing hospitality, specifically the Burke clan for being amazing hosts to Evan and Mike while in Galway.

Ok Pilot and The Mobbs for sharing their contacts with us.

All of the artists we shared the stage with.

The Late Yetis for sharing their equipment, some great shows and great times with, and overall being amazing dudes.

All of those inbetween. From those who made for easy travelling, to those we met on the street.

Fifth floor friends at Nido, for some great nights, and comin out to the shows.

Andrew and Brett at Keystone, who were amazing guys, which we looked forward to running into, and sharing stories with.

Cristian Picinni for his stunning photography.

Finally to all of the wonderful people we shared drinks and laughs with every night. It was something different every time. We met so many unique individuals, and new friends, who shared unbelievable experiences with us. From wandering the early morning streets with new friends, to enjoying films with our hostel’s night manager Brett, the UK truly beat all expectations, and we cannot wait to head back once opportunity allows for it.

Thank you!