Moving Forward.

We have been quiet for far too long. It has been somewhat by choice, however there has been a lot of work that we have kept underground. We are ready to surface from this basement that we have been conjuring ing for the past few months. There are some changes, changes that will reshape the band and take us to new heights. We have always been a hardworking band, playing every show we can, leaving the country to play shows, skipping work to play shows. It is time for us to bring that back, I think the weather is driving us out of this quasi hibernation.

We are happy to announce the joining of our fourth bassist, my sister, Rachel Bright. She has quietly been working with Evan and I since early February on new material, and new sounds, We broke the news to Zack earlier this week, and he is stoked to switch over to guitar. Zack hasn’t played guitar in a band in like three years. I loved being in a three piece with Evan and Zack, they are true masters of their craft, and I am excited for us to continue on together with the strength of a new member.

We are a four piece now. Full wall of sound ahead.

We have a whole new repertoire and plans to tour this summer.

We hope to see you soon.pic