Hey! Happy New Year! How are you? We’re fantastic! Things have been quiet around here on the website since our tour at the end of August. Rest assured, Dead Broke has been super busy. A lot of announcements are made on that ol’ facebook thing, but we are looking to change that for 2014 and really make use of this webpage. The past few months have been pretty crazy.

Following tour we had a sweet spot at KOI Fest in Kitchener, and following that we had a handful of shows around the golden horseshoe. The real fun came in December. We got back on the road and hit places we’ve never been before. Sure, ‘Peterborough’ and ‘Windsor’ aren’t exactly the most exotic sounding places in the world, but don’t be fooled, they know how to rock. Our goal is anywhere and everywhere,  realizing that Canada is chalk-full of smaller cities and townships that are starved of entertainment and neglected by touring bands, these are the places and people we want to be around! 

Something else December brought was a string of all ages shows. These are extremely important as there is a major void in the Toronto, and GTA for all ages audiences. These kids know how to party, we want to share our band with everyone, and 2014 will be the year of all agers, rather than the 19+ who are too apathetic to jump around and get weird (we still love you motionless twenty-somethings, not to worry!).

So what does 2014 mean for your Dead Broke buds? Showsshowsshows tourtourtour, all ages, and anywhere and everywhere, if you want us to play your apartment party on a balcony, in a barn, wherever, hit us up! We will also be putting our webpage to work, so there should be something new up everyday, whether that be a pic from tour, or a little note, so stop by!


FINALLY. You heard it here first, top secret, need to know basis, we are recording a record in a month. A FULL LENGHT BLOW-YOUR-SPEAKERS-OUT-RECORD.That’s about all we can say at the moment, we will update you as they come.